In Namibia

Eco International is developing the 50 MW TeraSun Energy Solar PV Power Park to supply competitively priced electricity to any large power user across the Namibian national power grid.

The TeraSun Energy solar PV power park will be located in the town of Arandis, on a site the has been secured and which enjoys amongst the best solar irradiations in the country with a potential to generate over 2480 kWh/kWp/year.

The 900 million Namibian Dollar investment will be structured through TeraSun Energy (Pty) Ltd, a special purpose company that will engage large power users to conclude competitively priced Electricity Supply Agreements with firm supply durations between 5 and 15 years, according to individual customer requirements.

In terms this new regulatory market framework, players are to be known as Contestable Customers and Eligible Sellers. Contestable Customers are all the Regional Electricity Distributors (REDs), the City of Windhoek and all NamPower customers that are connected to NamPower’s transmission network.

Contestable Customers will be allowed purchase electricity from the TeraSun Energy Power Park via bilateral transactions for up to 30% of their annual energy purchases.


Advantages for Customers

• Customers benefit from the economies of scale of a large Power Park facility

• Cash savings assured with zero capital outlay

• Flat energy tariffs more competitive overall than utility Time-of-Use

• No additional on-site customer metering required

• The solar Capacity supplied is customized and allocated to the Customer’s precise needs and is expandable over time

• Flexible 5, 10 or 20-year Electricity Supply Agreements

In South Africa

Third Party project development services

Eco International is proud to be associated with this innovative project structured towards the commercial PPA market of South Africa.

Capitalizing on the experience that we have gained in Namibia with the development of our 50 MW TeraSun Energy power park project, we have been appointed by the Port Elizabeth based company Raw Renewables, as co-developers, co-owners and project managers to bring our experience to the South African IPP space.

The project entails the development of 5 x 10 MW solar PV power generation facilities in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan area (Port Elizabeth) for the supply of electricity to large commercial power users.

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