Turnkey Projects: from grassroots up to stage of plant commissioning and validation

Eco International can provide turnkey projects, from grassroots up to stage of plant commissioning and validation.
Supply, on Lump Sum Turn Key basis, of entire production plants or part of them, including process equipment. All the facilities are validated according to EMEA, FDA and local Agencies GMP criteria. This is done making use of a number of qualified engineering and validation companies that are usually partners of Eco International SA. A list of plants supplied so far is available on request.
Eco International can support the Client in the identification of reliable financing sources of new plants and production activities in developing countries.
The engineering services of Eco International start with Conceptual Design, necessary to understand the technical issues about a new project.
Then Eco International can provide the Facility Planning consists in entire manufacturing sites or individual department analysis and early stage design support.
Facility Planning, often strategic phase in grass root or restructuring activities, is a complete feasibility study that take into account not only technical but also financial, R&D, purchasing, production transfer and marketing requirements, to provide a management tool for investment.
Eco International can prepare Feasibility Studies according to UNIDO Comfar III standards.

Engineering Procurement Construction

Developing the Project from commencement to final completion.

Series of activities added to “Base EPC” to complete the 360 degrees offer by Eco International.