ECO INTERNATIONAL SA., with its head office in Lugano Corso Elvezia 27, was founded in 2006 by its main shareholders, Eng. Giovanni Pasquino CEO of the Company.

Eco International SA is the natural evolution of International Pharmachim S.r.l. , founded in 2001 by Eng Giovanni Pasquino with it’s father Eng Ennio Pasquino, and of Pharmachim Engineering a Company founded in 1980 by Eng. Ennio Pasquino and from these  Companies has inherited the knowledge, the know-how, the structure, the technologies and 40 years of experience.

Eco International SA  has powered the structure, the connections and the investments in order to be able to face the growth of the market and the request of its customers.

Eco International SA leads a Group of related Companies located in the strategic points on the world market and established to serve the professional and technical needs and interests of the pharmaceutical, fine chemical industries and the health Sector.

Bio Photo Eng. G. Pasquino, CEO Eco International SA


Eng. Giovanni Pasquino, CEO and Founder of the Company , graduated in 1995 as Chemical Engineer with a specialisation in Pharmaceutical Plant Projects , has started to work in this Sector since 1987 with it’s first job as Project leader in the Construction of an Hospital in Bangkok.

He has inherited the passion and the interest in the Pharmaceutical sector from his Father and in 1997 he became the CEO of the Company

During these years, he changed the core Business of the Company , moving from the Pharma  Technologies Transfer sector transforming the Company into an EPC Company focused on Pharma Plant and Hospitals opening new markets and new strategic Partnership in order to fulfill at 360 degree the requirements of the Company’s customers.

During the last years, different divisions has been created inside Eco International Company, to follow new technological products and new technologies related to the actual requirements of the market.

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Corso Elvezia, 27
6900 Lugano (CH)
Phone: +41 91 921 10 17

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Via Mario Idiomi, 1/10
20057 - Assago (MI)