Services Activity

ECO INTERNATIONAL Active work to find for its customer the reliable sources for advanced chemical intermediates, API, FDF contract manufacturers and dossier to license in/out


  • Based on long lasting experience of its personnel and the broad network develop in many years in difficult markets like China and India with direct presence on the field, ECO Active supports API manufacturers in finding reliable suppliers for advanced chemical intermediates

  • Support to pharmaceutical companies and CMO to find reliable API supplier, which a deep insight on quality and documental capacity. ECO Active can also provide support for quality audit.

  • Ongoing process to apply to AIFA (italian Health Agency) for the authorization as importer for API, mandatory in Italy to import API coming from extra EU.  Once granted, ECO Active can take over quality and burocratic duties of the customers.

  • ECO Active can optimize the process, reducing impurities, or increasing the yield, with an external partner, specialized in chemical synthesis.

  • Support to find product dossier to be licensed in or out, to find partners in our specialty geographical areas (Africa, Middle  East, China) or licensing or distribution agreements

  • Support to pharmaceutical companies to find the right CMO for their products, tender between more supplier, support in final decision and coordination in activities and supplier management. Review of CMO portfolio with its optimization.

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