What we do

Eco International is a sponsor, developer, owner and financier of independent power generation and of selected infrastructure projects.

Our know-how is in the effective understanding and efficient management of the multiple project variables necessary to achieve successful implementation. 

Eco International creates value by being the catalyst that brings together technical and financial capabilities and client needs to build technically feasible and economically viable projects.

We develop partnerships. Eco International builds strategic alliances on a project-by-project basis, with blue-chip international technical solution providers and consultants, to ensure that project concepts are turned into operational realities.

We are solution driven. Eco International is not partial to any particular technology choice. Our goal is to find the most appropriate and sustainable solution for every unique project context.

We make power & infrastructure projects happen

How we do it

We engage early

Eco International believes in project engagement at an early and conceptual stage so as to contribute value to the project’s appropriate and effective structuring.

We analyse the needs

An accurate needs analysis is paramount to creating a project that will satisfy the long term requirement of a client. Eco International is diligent in dedicating appropriate time and resources to this task.

We devise a plan​

Power generation projects are predominantly about fuel source. Before considering any technology choice, Eco International applies its in-house Triple “A” Matrix (Availability, Access, and Abundance) to identify the best possible energy source(s) for power generation at a given location and in conjunction with a given power requirement.

We mitigate the risks

Eco International carries out an early fatal flaw and a risk mitigation analysis to assess and understand if a project concept has any chance of becoming bankable. Regulatory, financial and contractual elements are considered in this analysis.

Why work with us

Because we are driven by excellence
We believe that anything worth doing, should be done well or not at all. The development of power and infrastructure projects is complex and costly; there is no room for chance. We undertake all tasks with professional dedication and diligent attention, with the humility of appreciating the magnitude of the job that lies ahead.

Because we don’t make promises we can’t keep
At Eco International, together with people, our word is our greatest asset. We don’t make promises we can’t keep.

Because we know how to bring winning teams together
Every project is unique, but the manner in which we approach each initiative is the same. Eco International prides itself in being capable of bringing together the right skills, at the right time, to tackle each successive step in project development.

Because we are nimble
We are a agile team of professionals who understand the need to offer value in a fast and proactive manner. Decision making is quick and effective, allowing projects to move forward efficiently and without hindrance.

Our Solutions

Large Scale Power Parks

Eco International has a number of embedded, solar PV projects ranging from 150 KW up to 50 MW under development for commercial/industrial customers.

Portable Solutions

Solar power is quickly changing world perspectives about energy and environment. Off grid solutions can bring energy anywhere, avoiding huge investments for infrastructures, and solving the problem of rural electrification.